Dubai Expo 2020 To Transform the Emirates As The Largest MarketPlace For Introducing Smart Tech

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

UAE’s giant strides in the technology domain to captivate sustainable development has attracted investors and businesses from different parts of the world. Sensing this significant transformation as a great opportunity for many businesses cutting across wide domains, the 6 month World Expo 2020 event is to be held in Dubai, starting from October next year. The reputation of the UAE and Dubai as a technology hub has not been built overnight but rather by consistent efforts fuelled by bringing innovation and transformation to attract global businesses.

Agenda of the World Expo 2020

The Dubai World Expo 2020 revolves around “Connecting Minds and Creating A Smart Future.” In order to carry forward this vision, the country has embraced cutting edge technology like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IoT, Robotics and Machine Learning.

The Expo will create multiple opportunities for these emerging technologies to solve key problems that require futuristic and advanced technological solutions. The UAE is inviting startups, technology companies to introduce their smart solutions that will help the region in attaining their sustainable development goals by revolutionising mobility and transportation in the economy. Thus, investors and companies from 190 nations will get an opportunity to focus on contributing to the economic growth, real-estate development, curbing environmental problems and simplifying public affairs through their technological products and services.

The World Expo will include over 190 countries and 200 participants from different nations, MNCs, businesses and educational institutes. The event will also witness more than 25 million visitors and over 30,000 volunteers.

The core aim of the Expo is to motivate and drive startups & SMEs to pitch their revolutionary ideas and roadmaps. The Expo sets to lead significant investments in innovation and architecture to build better endearing relationships with partner nations and create favourable business opportunities in the Middle East, especially the Emirates.

To keep up with such a pressing demand, Dubai has already started to invest significantly on infrastructure development by building new freeways, roadways and smart mobility solutions like air taxis and energy efficient cars. Many experts have anticipated that the event will increase the hotel occupancy by more than 70 million bookings and retail spending will increase around by USD 10 billion. Such a colossal investments will lead to the creation of more than 1,00,000 jobs in the span of 6 months, with a total spend of USD 8.7 billion being allocated for the project.

Dubai World Expo will not just be a huge gathering event, rather, it will transcend into a platform proposing key technologies, solutions and setting a futuristic roadmap to make Dubai and the Emirates one of the most advanced and futuristic countries in the world.

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